Doom and gloom chatter on social media can leave us feeling anxious and down.

Here are some personally tried and tested ways that I have learnt from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar that always help me free my mind, manage stress levels and brush off negativity.

Get Busy! Whether cleaning up the house, organizing the closet or completing that unfinished project, getting busy to do helpful and productive work makes a huge impact on our state of mind. The focus shifts from brooding and worry to action and achieving goals. …

Rebuttal to Ravi Zacharias

I came to know about the Christian Apologist and Evangelist, Ravi Zacharias when I read about the news of his recent death. Since his name was Ravi, I was curious and looked him up. It is claimed that he came from a family of high caste Hindu priests who converted to Christianity several generations ago.

On the concept of Exclusivity he said and I quote:

“Hinduism, for example, is often represented as being the most tolerant and accepting of other faiths. That is just not true. All Hindus believe in two fundamental, uncompromising doctrines — the…

From Adharma to Dharma

The Dalai Lama says, “Problems arising from attachment and hatred are not eliminated by resorting to the use of force. No one ever achieves complete victory; enemies are never completely vanquished. Because, ultimately, we have to live together, we have to settle our problems through dialogue and negotiation. And to achieve external disarmament requires that we first have a sense of inner disarmament.”

Lets analyse his way of thinking. What is the foundation for this kind lf thinking?

He KNOWS (not believes) that everything is connected. We don’t need to take his words as gospel or…

Dharma: Nature’s code

Before the emergence of expansionist, organized, and institutionalized religion, which initiated the man-made practice of labeling people as believers and non-believers, people simply lived life expressing their own nature and aptitude, indulging in practices, traditions, and laws that fit their context and environment. These practices were context dependent and changed, morphed and evolved with situations. Since these were natural law, innate knowledge based practices, they can be called Dharma based Traditions or Dharmic Traditions. Dharma is the natural principal that makes life and existence possible. It is innate and hardcoded in nature. …

Ten Tips to Overcome Panic & Boost Immunity & Resilience.

Here are ten things we can start to do today to boost immunity and increase resilience in both body and mind

1. Move with the light. Our bodies are photosensitive so light has a huge impact on our body chemistry. Therefore it makes sense to get up and be active with the Sun and wind activity down as the Sun goes down. This lifestyle choice gets our body to flow with the rhythm of nature of which we are an integral part. …

The clash of narratives on Covid19

Here’s my take on different narratives on the Wuhan/Chinese Novel Corona Virus:

1. Its fake news vs The sky is falling! Based on my level of awareness, I believe it is definitely one of the biggest crisis of our times. Experiences of so many doctors and healthcare professionals seem to show that it is not fake at all. However, I also don’t think that the sky is falling on us with this pandemic. It is contagious, it is serious, it is deadly but it is not deadly across the board. We need to not…

Are We Ready for it?

This piece came into being in response to a friend’s question, why doesn’t a Baba or Guru solve this problem of Coronavirus? If they would do it, there would be no need for virology


What is happening now is the process by which change and transformation happens. Our western educated mind likes to think in compartments…virology, physics, chemistry, statistics, spirituality…however, in reality there is no distinction. Nothing happens outside the purview of the spirit. If virology finds a cure, it is because of the spirit, if a baba or a Guru solves the problem…

Ranakpur, Rajasthan

Decoding my Cultural Heritage as I understand it

As I have grown and matured, I have become more and more aware of my Hindu cultural heritage. Here, I discuss some key ideas with regard to the term Hindu in a Q and A format.

HOW did the term ‘Hindu’ come into existence?

It is a label that was given by foreigners/outsiders to people of the land of Bharat. The Greeks and Persians used the word Hindu (Persian pronunciation of the word Sindhu) and Indu to denote the country and people living beyond the Sindhu (Indus) river.

A young girl looks up at the light

Straddling two cultural identities, as an American of Indian origin, I have raised two lovely kids to adulthood. Along the way, I have learnt many lessons & here I share some important ones with you with the hope that they will aid you in your parenting!

  1. VIPs: Parents are the most important people in a child’s life until adolescence. If during this crucial time, we as moms and dads are checked out, off balance and stressed, we will not be able to give our best to our kids and may find it difficult to raise healthy kids. …

Vandana P Jain

Meditator, Mom, Wife, Teacher, Photographer & A Well Wisher to All!

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